Diatomacerous Earth

Doulton® ceramic is made from natural Diatomacerous Earth. Diatomite is formed by the accumulation of the amorphous silica remains of diatoms (microscopic single-celled algae). The fossilized remains consist of small symmetrical shells or frustules, which allow for a very intricate network of small pores to be formed.

Ceramic Structure

Pure Diatomacerous Earth is superheated to over 1000°C to form thousands of small ceramic channels, then molded into a Doulton® filter element. Harmful bacteria and other foreign particles as small as 0.2 microns are stopped by the ceramic wall while the water passes through to the inside, providing a guaranteed 99.99%+ rejection of pathogenic bacteria and waterborne cysts.

Oligodynamic Silver

The entire Doulton® ceramic wall is impregnated with pure silver which is permanently locked within the ceramic structure. The silver acts as a bactericide, destroying trapped bacteria inside the ceramic structure. Filters without such technology is highly susceptible to microbe growth, resulting in possible water pollution instead.



At the heart of every Doulton® water filter candle is the Sterasyl® silver-impregnated ceramic filter shell offering impeccable filtration integrity. Inside of the ceramic shell, additional filtration elements can added which provide the advantages of multi-stage filtration within a single candle, without compromises in filtration quality.

By incorporating activated carbon in the form of granular carbon or carbon block, the Super Sterasyl® and Supercarb® candles provide extra chemical reduction as the activated carbon absorbs and removes pollutants such as chlorine, and even solvents which may be smaller than water molecules.

On top of the activated carbon element, the ATC Super Sterasyl® and Ultracarb® candles integrate a supplementary ion exchange media which reduces the presence of heavy metals ions present in the water such as lead, iron and cadmium.

Doulton®'s latest BioTect Ultra® candles take water filtration technology to a new level, with a proprietary Doulton® matrix featuring enhanced organics removal, increased heavy metal reduction, and filtration ratings.

A list of FAQs about Doulton® filters can be found here.