Proven by time and science, not marketing.

For over 190 years of it's rich history, Doulton® International has committed itself to ceramic water filtration technology. The Doulton® facility manufactures and distributes to 140 countries from the heart of the UK’s traditional pottery industry in North Staffordshire in Great Britain, and has done so since 1826.

An elaborate ceramic pore structure filters water down to 0.2 microns, acting as an impassable barrier with a proven >99.99% removal of foreign particles and pathogens.


Doulton® candles integrate other filter media to perform multiple filter operations, removing the need for bulky, multi-stage filtration systems. And it performs better than most, anyway.

AAA Performance

Doulton® ceramic incorporates silver to prevent your filter from becoming a bacterial breeding ground. The Doulton® facility is one of the few that does it completely safely.


Doulton® filters do not require electricity to operate, saving you money on your bill, and the earth some precious resources.


Doulton® ceramic is made from 100% natural earth and organic carbon. Drink easy knowing that your filter cartridge is not going to meditate in a landfill after you're done with it.

Natural Composition

Doulton® ceramic can be manually cleaned and re-used, giving an average total of 6 - 12 months before you have to replace the candle, with no decrease in performance. Talk about value.

Long Lifespan

Forget systems that regurgitate water back out like a washing machine. Doulton® systems process and filter everything that flows through it, allowing you to utilise every drop.

Zero Wastage

Doulton® ceramic does not remove minerals which are beneficial to personal health, removing the need to put all kinds of expensive stones after filtration. 

Auto Mineralisation

Still waiting for that last bit of water to trickle through your pitcher filter? Wait no longer. Just grab a glass, flick the tap on and quench your thirst instantly. It's that fast.


All Doulton® ceramic water filtration systems are made in the UK and backed by stringent in-house quality control procedures. The Doulton® International facility manufactures in strict accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 standards, and is one few companies to possess both theNSF®Class 1 Standard 42 and Standard 53 certifications, along withWRASapproval in the UK.

Doulton® is certified internationally for quality water filtration from institutions and agencies such as:
California Department of Health
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Water Quality Association
International Organisation for Standardization

Doulton® also continually verifies it's filter performance on an annual basis with over 50 independent laboratories worldwide, including:
University of Arizona, USA
Hyder Labs, Cheshire England
Loughborough University, England
Spectrum Labs, USA
Thresh, Beale & Suckling Laboratories, England
Clare Microbiological Laboratories, England
Severn Trent Laboratories, England
and many more.

Not many water companies offer solid accreditation.
Fewer still can boast about a legacy.
Doulton® does both.

Arkwater is the principal distributor of authentic Doulton® products in Singapore and has been distributing to the surrounding region since 2001 for over 15 years and counting. Our products come straight from the Doulton® International facility in the UK. We operate on transparency, and will not swap for lesser products or substitutes without notice.